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An idea of what gear I'm using

Chap and Amp.jpg
Marshall JVM 410C
Chap _ christchurch_edited.jpg
Chapman ML1 
Les b&w_edited.jpg
Customised Les Paul

I Have been using Marshall Amps most of my musical life.  Switching between stacks and combos.  For me and what I do combos have always won out, mainly due to having to carry 4x12 cabinets up loads of stairs to venues.  If you've been there yourself you would have also felt the pain.

Marshall for me, have always produced the best sounding amps for the hard rock tone that I'm looking for.  The valve versions being the pinnacle of their range.

I have experimented with many other amps over the years but I don't think that any compare to the sound and versatility that Marshall  produce.  If you want a great clean tone and then a real thump in the chest from an overdriven tone, don't look any further.

I've been watching Chapman Guitars grow for the past few years and one day a couple of years ago I saw the ML1 Pro Modern Pitch Black being demonstrated on Youtube.  I fell in love.

When I ordered it, it was the first time that I had bought a guitar off of the internet without trying it first.  I was beyond impressed.  This guitar has now become my go to guitar so much that most of my others are now collecting dust.  I'm seriously considering adding a second to my collection.


I was very fortunate to get my hands on my Les Paul a few years ago now and for a long time it was my main guitar.  This one has recently gone trough some customisation and still to this day appears on stage with me.

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